Wyoming Digital Newspaper Collection

About Our Collection

Get in touch with Wyoming’s past through historical and archived Wyoming Newspapers. Historians, genealogists, students, and scholars will find a wealth of reliable information here, all first-hand accounts of local news from days gone by. Our earliest archive dates back to 1849 but many of these papers survived for only a brief time and disappeared like the boom-and-bust ghost towns of Wyoming and the west. This collection contains 326,929 issues comprising 4,921,691 pages and 167,273 articles.

Restricted and Non-Restricted Content

Restricted content, while not available digitally to all users, can be obtained via interlibrary loan. Please contact your local library for information on how to receive copies of the restricted articles you are researching.

Non-Restricted content can be searched by clicking on the “Hide restricted content (Only show items available to all users)” under the search box. This will display newspapers that are in the public domain and available to all users.

Both restricted and non-restricted newspapers will display using the search and browse options above.